Dulin Reneau provides cost-efficient legal services in a variety of areas of law by effectively litigating and negotiating for clients. Kelsey and Kelli confidently provide reason and understanding to their cases, develop creative solutions to contentious problems, create individualized case plans, and litigate aggressively to obtain excellent results.

The primary focus of Kelsey’s legal work is civil litigation and trial practice. Kelsey’s litigation practice encompasses a variety of areas of law, including fiduciary litigation, elder abuse and financial exploitation, consumer protection issues, complex and class action litigation, and breaches of contract.

Trust and Estate Litigation

Kelsey represents administrators, trustees, and beneficiaries in contested litigation involving trusts and estates. She litigates trust and estate matters to ensure the proper and lawful discharge of duties imposed upon fiduciaries and to remedy breaches of trust.

Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation

Kelsey represents clients in cases of elder abuse and financial exploitation, too often perpetrated by family members, fiduciaries, friends, and scam artists. Abuse and exploitation may take several forms: taking over financial accounts, theft or transfer of assets, misdirecting mail, coercion and undue influence, grooming and manipulation, threats and intimidation, and isolation from others. With such an alarming increase in these shocking cases, Kelsey is dedicated to advocating for an aging generation in need of a voice.

Estate Planning

A good estate plan can provide peace of mind for those seeking to protect their assets and ensure their wishes are followed. Kelsey and Kelli assist clients in drafting wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advance directives, and other necessary documents. They work to custom tailor a plan that fits each individual client.

Adult Guardianship

Guardianship is a remedy available for protecting the personal and property rights of an incapacitated person, or “ward”. Specifically, Kelsey represents clients to obtain appointment as guardian of incapacitated adults. She assists guardians in properly discharging their duties.


Probate is the legal process to conclude the legal and financial matters of a deceased person. Kelsey and Kelli represent clients in the administration of estates to ensure debts are paid and proper distribution is made to the heirs or beneficiaries.

Consumer Protection

Kelsey represents clients in consumer protection matters involving unfair and deceptive sales practices, financial exploitation of seniors and marginalized communities, bad faith insurance practices, real estate litigation, and unfair and fraudulent practices related to the sale or financing of homes. She is committed to advancing the cause of just treatment for Oklahoma consumers.

Class Actions and Complex Litigation

Class actions are an excellent tool to advance and protect the interests of a group, or “class”, of individuals who have suffered similar damages or injuries. Kelsey represents clients in class action litigation to advance the interests of the class efficiently and economically.

Real Property Partition

A partition can be a useful remedy in situations where a group of individuals hold co-ownership in real property but are unable to agree on its use. In such cases, an owner of real property has the legal right to petition a judge to partition the land and divide the equitable interest. Kelsey represents clients who seek partition and provides counsel regarding the best course of action.

Entity Formation and Nonprofit Organization

Kelsey and Kelli work with clients to form entities appropriate for the individual’s needs and business goals. Entity formation involves understanding the structure of the business and preparing the materials necessary to register and form the company. Kelsey and Kelli also assist clients with starting nonprofit organizations and obtaining 501(c)(3) charitable tax-exempt status.

Appellate Practice

Appellate law involves analyzing trial records, identifying and framing issues on appeal, researching and analyzing the law, drafting briefs, and advocating in appellate courts. Kelsey and Kelli represent clients at the appellate level to correct errors of the trial courts, persuade appellate courts to overturn lower court decisions, and to expand or change the interpretation of statutory law.

Other Areas of Practice

Other areas of Dulin Reneau’s practice include homeowner and business owner disputes with contractors and builders, real estate and property disputes, contract disputes, negligence and personal injury, medical malpractice, and uncontested legal matters and business transactions such as contract review and drafting.